Episode 7 - Tax, Tax, Tax . . . It’s All We Ever Talk About

February 16, 2018

Taxes drives a lot of us crazy because we don’t understand how it works. But our financial plans may suffer if we don’t consider taxes in our planning process. In this podcast, we’re going to cover the ins and outs of taxes, including how interest is taxed in a person's financial strategy-- we need to grasp this concept before we can understand more complex strategies.

Listen in as John Smallwood tells us what we need to know about taxes and their impact on our financial plans:


Episode 6 - Start Tax Planning Now

February 2, 2018

It is the start of the year and there is a tax reform underway, so how can we start tax planning for the year?  In order to answer that question you need to gauge where you are right now in order to figure out where you go in the future.  Regardless of the changes being made in the Tax Reform, tax planning is all about strategy and an overall philosophy.  The sooner you start making adjustments to your financial strategy the better off you will be at the end of next year.  

Learn more about making changes to your financial strategy with John Smallwood in this podcast:


Episode 5 - I Don’t Want No Stinking Risk

January 19, 2018

The market rises and drops. That’s a type of risk. We might lose our job or become injured at work. Life is full of risks! We can’t hide from them and we can’t always predict them, but we can certainly plan for them.

In my latest podcast, I expand the conversation beyond market volatility in order to assess what our risks really are and how to set ourselves up for success.


Episode 4 - What Is Savings Exactly?

January 5, 2018

Savings is the key to every financial strategy.  It is the fuel that fires the entire financial plan.  Without adequate savings, there are many factors that can erode your wealth savings plan.  It is important to start saving now and invest in your financial future.  There is no miracle financial product that you can put your money into to solve all of your problems.

Learn more about savings in this podcast:


Episode 3 - 7 Factors That Destroy Wealth

January 2, 2018

Every day we are faced with financial pressures, these pressures include 7 factors, which can erode or even destroy your wealth.  When these factors are consistently out of balance, they may lead to wealth loss. John Smallwood of Smallwood Associates shares more about these 7 factors and how to ensure balance, to improve your overall wealth.  


Episode 2 - What Is Wealth Under Pressure?

December 11, 2017

No matter what aspect of financial planning, there are positive pressures and negative pressures. We have positive pressures such as savings rates, lottery winnings, inheritance, positive interest, etc. Then there are things that will try to bring our wealth down such as taxes, transaction costs, inflation, etc. Wealth is under pressure all the time whether good or bad. The question is how can we balance it so that you have more positive pressure and less negative pressure?

Learn more about wealth under pressure in this podcast:


Episode 1 - Introduction - John Smallwood

December 5, 2017

In this episode we learn more about John Smallwood, Certified Financial Planner, specializing in strategies to reduce the pressure on key areas of people’s wealth.

John started college as an accounting major and realized that the field wasn’t really for him. He attended an economics class and started a path towards in financial planning. Growing up, his father was involved in the industry and he realized that he wanted to help people and build a long-term plan together.

Learn more about John Smallwood and Smallwood Wealth Management in this podcast: